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If you are planning a birthday party or just want to entertain a group of friends, then you may want to consider renting a moon bounce. These inflatables are very popular with children and are a great way to make a celebration a hit! You can also find combos and interactive games that can be used to pass the time. Read on to learn more! And don’t forget to book your event early so you don’t have to worry about running out of time.

Moon bounces

Moon bounces on top inflatables have many names, with some regional and national followings. The original inflatables were horse pad-covered structures and were used at traveling carnivals. In the 1970s, the Scurlock family started manufacturing bounce houses for resale, and eventually their son added a brand name to their product, Space Walk. With this growth in the inflatable bounce house market, you can now buy a moon bounce for your home.

If you’re looking to buy a moon bounce on top of an inflatable, the first thing to do is determine the intended user. You want to match their tastes and interests to the types of bounces available. There are many types of inflatable moon bounces, and not every one of them is suitable for every child. A home moon bounce is a fun and safe way to entertain children. However, you can also purchase commercial moon bounces if you’re looking for a more expensive option.

Water slides

Inflatable Water Slide, 6 in 1 Inflatable Water Park

When buying an inflatable water slide, consider your child’s age and ability to handle it. This will help you select a slide that is safe and durable for a child’s age. Also, check if it comes with a blower. Many slides also include a blower. If it does not, you may have to purchase an extra blower to keep the slide inflated. There are many advantages to water slides, and these benefits can be important when choosing the best slide for your child’s party.

A water slide is a great way to entertain kids of all ages. Inflatables are a great choice because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. You should always remember that inflatables are dangerous to kids and teens, so keep them supervised and away from sharp objects. Inflatable water slides last for several years if they are properly cared for and inflated. But the price of buying one can be a bit steep for your kids.

Interactive games

Interactive games on top of inflatables are a great way to get kids engaged in a party activity. Many of these games require balance and coordination, and require players to juggle the balance of two or more people while sitting on the pedestal. These games can be played indoors or outdoors, depending on the venue. There are also several different types of games that are available, including inflatable basketball games and obstacle courses. With over 30 years of experience in creating interactive inflatables, Bigger Than Life can help you plan and customize any type of game that you’d like.

If your event is for children of all ages, consider inflatable sports games. Children enjoy bouncing on an inflatable soccer ball, or shooting baskets while having fun. The games encourage children to learn about sports and develop their skills. They’ll learn about teamwork and compete with other players to win. These interactive games are great for attracting a wide variety of target audiences. If your party is geared toward corporate attendees, you can also choose from a variety of sports-themed games and inflatable obstacle courses to suit your party theme.


Blast Zone Magic Castle | Commercial Grade Bounce House Castle Kingdom Jumper

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor option for your next party, you can find top inflatable combos at Magic Jump. They carry only the highest quality US-made inflatable combos to protect your investment. And as an inflatable industry resource, Magic Jump offers tips on how to choose the perfect inflatable. Check out their blog for useful advice and information about inflatable combos. And don’t forget to check out their FAQs! These are the most frequently asked questions in the inflatable industry!

Combination units combine multiple activities into one. They are larger than a typical bounce house, and typically include a mini slide, inflatable climbing walls, and inflatable pillars. Many of these combo units also include a basketball hoop and pop-ups. Water combos are also called water bounce houses. And if you’re planning a pool party, you can get a combo unit that includes a water slide as well.

Interactive units

Double Lane Slip n Slide

If you’re looking for a great way to entertain kids, an interactive unit on top of an inflatable can help you make your event a success. These inflatable games include jumps, slides, pop-ups, and other obstacles. These games are a lot of fun for kids and parents alike, and they can be perfect for birthday parties, events, or recreation centers. Keep in mind, though, that some of these units are continually updated and improved, so you may find that your current purchase doesn’t include the latest additions.

Interactive units on top of inflatables allow kids to play with different games simultaneously. You can customize these units to make them as challenging as you want them to be, or you can choose a single game for children. There are many kinds of interactive inflatables available, including water games and jumping balloons. If you have multiple kids, choose an inflatable water bouncer, such as a Double Lane Slip n Slide. If you’re looking for a great inflatable rental, you can use the website of Magic Jump Inflatables. These inflatables come in a variety of sizes, colors, and prices, and you can easily place your order online. These websites offer customer service that lets you track your order and ensure that it arrives when it’s scheduled.

Jump’n Dodgeball sports game

Jump’n Dodgeball Bounce House

Unlike other bounce houses, Jump’n Dodgeball sports game inflatables are easy to set up and take down. Made of durable, 420D Oxford nylon material, these bounce houses provide hours of fun for kids. The two 7’x9′ bounce areas include special holes for launching dodgeballs. Inflated, these bounce houses are 20 feet long and have two jumping areas, each measuring 7′ x 9′.

The Sky High Indoor Sports Complex features foam pits, snack bars, and a private room for birthday parties. During school breaks and teacher work days, Sky High is a popular choice for parties. Other features of the facility include a free ropes course and laser maze challenge. Although this is not included, you can purchase a game arcade to keep your children entertained while they’re playing. The Jump’n Dodgeball sports game inflatable is also safe for small children. It’s made of sturdy, double-stitched Oxford Nylon material and has high rails.